Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sasha Baron Cohen the controversial Genius

Sasha Baron Cohen is one gusty SOB. We saw his next controversial film Bruno last night, and it was even more crude than Borat. He is one crazy genius. He pushes all elements to their most extreme boundaries. I'd say I enjoy Borat more than Bruno, but it was still freaking hilarious. He is beyond talented with the way he consumes the characters he portrays. He is fearless and no one pushes the political envelope as far as he does and gets away with it. Did I mention yet that he's another beautiful and brilliant Jew?! He's so hot when he's not in character.

I admire the man for getting to the core of the hate that goes on in this world everyday. He shows how awful people can be. His extreme acts bring the hate people have to the surface, making you realize that deep rooted racism does exist in this world and probably will continue to forever. Cohen at least makes the ignorance known and visible. Thanks Sasha for creating such controversial masterpieces, you are one-of-a-kind and hot as all hell.

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