Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekly Writing Assignments

A friend of a friend, a PR guy over at Planit Agency in Baltimore recently started a new site, "Weekly Writing Assignments." I'm pretty excited about it, as someone attempting to improve his writing style and maybe his social standing with Baltimore's Glitterati.*

The concept is pretty simple. Every week a new assignment is posted, each one lasting the full week. The contests are open to anyone living, literate, and possessing of a valid email account. Using arcane methods involving the reading of animal organs, tea leaves, and the entries submitted, the site's editors chose a weekly winner and publish their work on the site. A monthly winner is chosen from the constituent weekly winners, and ultimately an annual winner is chosen from the twelve monthly finalists.

I'm jazzed. I can't seem to find enough avenues for writing lately, and the prospect of pitting myself against what I'm guessing will be a bumper crop of talented people is strongly motivating me to participate. And the more the merrier. If you're interested in submitting, check out the site at this address.

The more you write, the better you get. The better you get the more you'll want to write. The more you want to write, the more likely it is that you'll be saying something from the heart. The more you write from the heart, the more you will be read. And the more you're read, the more you'll want to write. It's a beautiful feedback loop. Just spool out your first sentence to get it started.

*The first statement is true. The second is 1) unlikely, 2) not really something I'm pursuing, and 3) just an excuse to use the word "glitterati" in a sentence.

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  1. Jason, congrats on being a finalist. I'm usually pretty competitive, especially when it comes to writing, but it's nice to see someone I know up top. Good piece.