Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chocolate, my way.

I'm not your typical chocolate lover, I'm more particular about the kinds of chocolate I desire. I'm not a big fan of dark or bitter chocolate. I like milk chocolate and prefer something like nuts or caramel added to it. I know all the chocolate lovers hate me now, how can anyone be so picky about chocolate?! I do love it and crave it as much as the next person, but I just crave it a certain way, I just like what I like. Last night I was craving a Butterfinger on the way to the 711. And for the first time I got a bar and did not even let Jason see it as I eat the whole thing up. I horded the Butterfinger, my desire was that strong.

I feel everyone should try out a gourmet chocolate bar every once in a while, they have different selects in the candy isle at the grocery store and at some upscale grocery stores, like Eddies, they have even more selections. They are so amazing! I also love truffles and fudge in small doses.

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