Sunday, July 5, 2009

Swimming Pools

If there was one thing I could have in life, excepting world peace, universal happiness, and a lifetime of good hair days, it would be a swimming pool. I've been on vacation a few times now where I've stayed at places with a pool in the backyard, and there's almost nothing like being able to roll out of bed and take a quick, relaxing dip before starting the day. And I can imagine if I had that luxury at home, how nice it would be to float all my stress away at the end of a frustrating day at the office.

The feeling of weightlessness you get floating in liquid is like no other sensation on earth, for me at least, and is as close as most humans will ever get to what must be a supremely magical sensation, the weightlessness of space. I remember being on vacation, floating on my back at night, looking up at a clear, star-filled sky, and being nearly overwhelmed by the experience.

To have access to that on a continual basis would be worth the cost of the pool and the time involved in maintenance. Of course that dream is far in the future. First I need a backyard big enough to accommodate a pool. I've dabbled with the idea of converting our current tiny backyard over to the purpose, filling in the entire yard with water, except for a thin sidewalk around the outer edge. It could work, but I'm not sure how well. It's a moot point though, since the funds don't exist to make it a reality.

Which is why I'm officially incorporating the Buy Jason and Kate a Swimming Pool not-for-profit fund. All contributions can be made out to me, and anyone coming in at the Platinum level or above will be granted full pool use privileges for at least a year or shorter. And everyone who helps out will receive a lovely gift of indeterminate value and existence, and the knowledge that they've contributed to a cause worthy enough to supplant even world peace, universal happiness and a lifetime of good hair days.

You contribution is not tax-deductible.

Unless you're feeling lucky.

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