Saturday, July 18, 2009


I've always been a little fascinated by mirrors. The illusion of an alternate reality they create is alluring, especially for a child's mind. I remember, as a kid, staring into the bathroom mirror of my childhood home, imagining it was a portal into a similar but slightly different version of "things as they were." Like Alice in "Through the Looking Glass".

My cat Banjo was similarly convinced of the mirror world's substantiality. He would perch himself in front of full length mirrors and watch the reflections of people in the room as if they were the actual people themselves. The he'd go up on his hind legs and started feverishly scratching at the mirror in a desperate attempt to join everyone on the other side of the "window". It was hilarious...and a little sad. Banjo wasn't the brightest bulb in the bunch.

As an adult I'm still somewhat enticed by the illusion. It's amazing to me what a difference mirrors can make in a small room. Throw one on the wall and suddenly your room appears to double in size. In an instant a flat surface transforms into a lifelike room addition, and a claustrophia-inducing space is expanded into a breathable environment.

Plus mirrors allow you to fix your hair. Very positive.

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